Info Page: Premium Membership

You can purchase Premium Time for your games in the Palace. However, this is not necessary to enjoy the game. As a rule, all our games are free of charge! You can play every game with all the rules, join the League, Clubs, and Tournaments, and gain experience. All you need is a verified profile and Chips, which you receive a few of each time you log in, and which you can also earn from playing.

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Who has Premium?

Additional Features

Playing with Premium

Premium for Friends

Who has Premium?

In the game, you can recognize Premium Members by the small crown on their profile picture. Anyone can become a Premium Member. To do so, you can either cash in Chips in the game, or purchase various periods of Premium Time. See below for details.

Example: Premium Player at the Table at the Palace of Cards

Additional Features

Premium Membership brings numerous expansions and lets you delve deep into the game:

  • The big chat panel: You can now chat throughout the game—not just at the table or in the Club. You can send messages to players in the Lobby and from your friends list, or even search for players if they’re currently not visible.

  • Private tables: You can create your own tables with custom rules and conditions (minimum rating and minimum loyalty) for you and your fellow players.

  • Play tables again: When the game at a table finishes, it can be played again in the same configuration if all players at the table agree.

  • Detailed statistics: You will be able to track your own statistics farther back than 100 games—see everything from the very beginning. Watch the progress of each table turn by turn! Furthermore, you will be able to view the statistics of every player.

  • Advanced profile features: You will be able to see the loyalty and platform of your fellow players, and conduct a private chat with other players, i.e. send them a message outside of a table.

  • Peace and quiet: Players you have ignored cannot enter a table you are sitting at.

  • Loyalty: When you sign up for a Premium Membership, your loyalty immediately gets a one-time boost to 100%.

  • More daily Chips: We give you free Chips for daily logins. For as long as your Premium Time lasts, you will get double the number of free Chips!

  • No Ads: For our Premium players, any ads in our games are deactivated, of course.

Playing with Premium

You can purchase a Premium Membership separately for each game. This can be done via a purchase or by cashing in Chips.

For a purchase, one way to do this is clicking your Chips Balance at the upper screen margin to open the game shop. Here, you can choose from the following options:

Premium duration 24 hours30 days180 days

Once you have chosen your option, click on the payment method of your choice.

If you wish to cash in Chips for Premium Time, you can open the shop the same way we just described. Now choose an option with Chips values instead of prices from the same display.

The longer in advance you make a decision, the cheaper the Premium Membership per day. The Premium Time automatically starts after payment. When the period paid for expires, Premium Time automatically ends. This is not a subscription that you need to cancel or anything like that!

Premium for Friends

You can purchase Premium Time for players on your friends list in the respective game.

To do this, enter the game shop, for example, via the main menu or via clicking your Chips balance. Then, scroll down until you see the option Buy for a Friend. Select somebody from your friends list here. After that, you will see a display with the available purchase options.

You can then proceed as usual: Choose your option and the payment method of your choice. When the purchase is complete, your friend will receive a message informing them that you have gifted them Premium Time.