Info Page: Your Profile

Under My Profile, you can determine how others see you in the game. Furthermore, this is also where you can modify certain settings for your game account. Browse through all the information or use the following links to jump to a specific topic:

What Others See in Your Profile

What You See in Your Profile

What Is the Player ID?

Changing Your Player Name

Changing or Modifying Your Avatar

Card Backs and Tables


Your Chips

Your Friends List

Your Ignore List

What Others See in Your Profile

Other players will see your player name at the very top, and your avatar below it.

Next to it, they will see if you belong to a club, and if so, which one. This is followed by your current level, the number of rounds you have played so far, and your rating from 1 to 5.

At the very bottom, they can add you as a friend or ignore you.

Premium players can also see your loyalty and platform. They can click on the Chat button to send you a message, and also view your game statistics.

Example: Player Profile at the Palace of Cards

By the way, if you have a Premium Membership, a small crown symbol will appear on your avatar in the game.

What You See in Your Profile

Example: My Profile at the Palace of Cards - Upper Part

Under My Profile, you have access to your game data:

In the upper section, you will find:

  • Your player name and your avatar.
  • Next to it, you will see your club or the Find club button.
  • This is followed by your current level and your experience points progress toward reaching the next level.
  • Under this, you may be shown options to configure the appearance of your game.

This is followed by the Details section. Here, you will see the following:

  • Whether you have Premium Time, and how much
  • How high your loyalty is,
  • How many Chips you have
  • And how high your rating currently is.
    The stars indicate your rating. Click on them to find out how many rating points you currently have.
Example: My Profile at the Palace of Cards - Lower Part
  • Click on Statistics to view your entire League history. You can see how many points, Chips, and rating points you had and when. You will also see a list of the last 100 tables you played.
  • Click on League to view the League and your position in the individual categories.

This is followed by Personal Data. These pertain to your game account. Here, you can find your your Player ID, which you can copy by clicking the button next to it. Underneath, there are:

  • Your player name,
  • Your e-mail address, and
  • Your password.

You can change them by clicking on the corresponding pencil symbol.

If your profile has not yet been verified, you will see a button labeled Secure in this area instead of your e-mail address and the password field. Click on it to register your profile via e-mail or Facebook.

At the very bottom, under Social, you will find buttons to

  • share the game with friends via Facebook,
  • invite friends via Facebook,
  • and to log out.

What Is the Player ID?

Your game progress, avatar, player name, selected card deck, etc. are saved under your Player ID.

In each Palace game where you use the same e-mail address or the same game account, you will have the same Player ID. This allows you to find the ID even if you accidentally lock yourself out of one of the games, for example.

Finding the Player ID in My Profile at the Palace of Cards

When you submit a customer service request, you will sometimes be asked for your Player ID. You will find it in the bottom half of your profile under Personal Data.

Each profile has a unique Player ID. As it uniquely identifies you, you must never post it publicly—such as in Facebook comments or in a blog post.

If customer service asks you for it, only share it in a direct, private message. You must never share it with other players.

Changing Your Player Name

In your profile, you can change your player name under Personal Data. To do so, click on the pencil symbol to the right of Name. Now simply enter your new name and click on Confirm.

If you have just edited your name, you will have to wait 48 hours to change it again.

Changing or Modifying Your Avatar

To edit your avatar, click on it. In the menu that opens, you now have various options: You can upload a (different) picture.

Additionally, provided you have unlocked the corresponding features by reaching the necessary levels, you can also modify the shape and the frame of your image.

To upload or modify an image, click on Select image. You will now see the Terms and Conditions with requirements that your image must fulfill. Once you acknowledge them, you can click on Select image to upload a suitable file from your device. Confirm the changes by clicking on Save image. Otherwise, your old profile picture will be kept.

Editing the Avatar at the Palace of Cards

After uploading a new profile picture, you will have to wait 48 hours before you can upload another picture.

If you have unlocked the option in the game, you can also choose a different shape or a frame for your image in this menu. To do so, simply click through the various options. A preview of your avatar will be shown on the right. If you like a combination, click on Save image to use it in the game.

Card Backs and Tables

Under the level info in your profile, you may be shown options to configure the appearance of your game.

Editing the Design of Tables and Cards at the Palace of Cards

As you reach new levels over time, you will unlock different table designs and card backs.

You can select your favorites from the options you have unlocked. To change the card backs, click on the image below Card Backs. To change the table, click on the image below Table. You can now click on your desired option, which will be applied automatically. At standard tables in the Palace, you will always play using your selection.

However, when you are at a table that another player created, you will see the table and card backs chosen by that player. If you do not wish this to be the case, you can turn off the option Use host table using the radio button in your profile.


You will start with 100% loyalty. But it may decrease if you cancel tables. Over time, it will be restored automatically, provided you play tables until the end. Hence, the loyalty value is a general indicator of how reliable you are at a table.

As a Premium Member, you can see the loyalty of other players. You will then have the option of setting a required minimum loyalty value when you create a table.

Your Chips

You will see your current chip balance in your profile and directly in the Lobby. Click on your current chip balance to open an info window. Here, you can also purchase more Chips or cash in your Chips for Premium Time.

Note: Your current chip balance does not always correspond to the Chips which count towards the League.

To find out which of your Chips count towards the League, click here.

Checking the Chips Info at the Palace of Cards

Your Friends List

All players you add as friends will be added to your friends list. You can do this by viewing a profile and clicking on Friend.

You can find your friends list by going to the League in the Lobby, and then selecting the relevant option in the bottom left.

Checking the Friends' List at the Palace of Cards

As a Premium Member, you can click on the arrow located in the middle of the right edge of the screen in the Lobby to see which of your friends are online, and send them a message in a private chat.

Click on Search to find players or your acquaintances. If they are online, this will be shown to you.

Your Ignore List

All players you have clicked to ignore are added to your ignore list. Now, they can no longer chat with you.

You can find your ignore list by going to the League in the Lobby, and then selecting the relevant option in the bottom left.

Checking the Ignore List at the Palace of Cards

If you have a Premium Membership, players you have ignored will not be able to join tables you are already seated at.