Info Page: Leveling System

The Leveling system in all Palace games consists of experience points and levels. This system is independent of the League.

Levels and Experience Points

Leveling Up

– The Highest Level

Unlocking Rewards

Experience and the League

Levels and Experience Points

Your level shows how much experience you have, and is another way to compete with your fellow players.

Leveling works as follows:

  • For each game you complete, you will receive experience points.
  • The experience points you have gained cannot be lost. Hence, your experience points are always increasing.
  • Once you have a certain number of points, you will be promoted to the next level.

This level is visible to everyone in the game. In your profile, only you can see how many experience points you still need to reach the next level.

At the end of each table, you will be shown how many experience points you have earned and when you have reached a new level.

For each level you reach, you will receive a reward in the form of chips or modifications for your card set, your game table, or your avatar in the Palace.

Level Info and Experience Points in My Profile at the Palace of Cards

Leveling up

As previously mentioned, you will level up each time you collect a certain number of experience points.

Level-Up Display at the Palace of Cards

These points are awarded entirely automatically for each table you finish playing. This means that the more you play, the faster your experience points increase, along with your level.

Of course, you also get extra experience points for a win! In addition, the following table characteristics influence the number of experience points:

  • the number of players,
  • the game progress,
  • the bet,
  • and some custom rules.

The Highest Level

The experience system has 100 levels. If you have reached 100: Welcome to the top!

Of course, you continue collecting experience points in the background.

In most Palace games, you will now see the experience bar at the end of a table or in your profile displaying your growing number of experience points on level 100.

In Pinochle, you do not see the growing number of experience points, but instead, a celebrative “MAX.” to recognize that you reached the maximum level. At the end of a table, you will still see how many experience points you gained there.

Unlocking Rewards

With each level you reach, you will unlock exclusive rewards in the game. Rewards include chips, but also

  • new frames for your avatar,
  • coverings for the tables in the Palace,
  • and custom patterns for the card backs

You can then automatically select each unlocked option at the corresponding place in your profile.

Experience and the League

The Leveling system and the League are independent systems. This means that you collect chips, points, and rating points for the League at most tables in the Palace, and at the same time experience points for the next level.

At tables with the Training custom rule, you can only gain experience points. Your standing in the League remains unaffected by such tables—after all, they are training tables.