Welcome to the Palace of Cards


Your game for strategy and combination!
Two can play a tactician duel, and four will compete in teams of two. Catch the discard pile, combine as many cards as possible, get a little help from wild cards, and collect the most points!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The classic for any time of the day!
Play with one, two, or three opponents and win. Be the first to get rid of your hand cards following every trick in the book. The Jokers may be of help. Maybe you can even achieve going Rummy!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The German classic for card game professionals!
Play in threes – always two against one.
„18“ – „Yes,“ „20” – „Accept,“ „22“ – „Pass.“
Take the Skat and face the challenge trick by trick. May the trump cards be with you!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The team player game for trick-taking fans!
There are always four of you – two face two, or one takes on three. The Queens of Clubs and you decide: Normal, Marriage or Solo? Collect tricks for your party and gain the victory!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The southern German classic pits on competition: Four players compete either two vs. two or one vs. three. Rely on the Obers or choose Wenz! Who will come out on top and fulfill their announcement?

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


Trick-taking with a Wurttemberg twist:
Melds deal points – like the Pinochle featuring the Jack of Clubs and the Queen of Spades! Play in two teams of two or as three lone fighters. Get the kitty, collect tricks, and reach your bid!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The speedy classic is online!
If you are playing as two, three, or four – each turn is a potential surprise. You have to empty your hand card by card, but your opponents could get in the way: Seven means drawing two!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


Fans of brain-teasers are in for a good time here!
Besides the challenge of solving the game tactically, you are facing up to three opponents. Sort the families from King to Ace. Will you solve the game best?

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The classic for all riddle-solvers!
Play strategically against up to three players: Each one frees and sorts their cards separately. Who will win? Weave your plan for quickly and effectively catching the most points in your web!

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