Info Page: Tournaments

For a Chips bet, tournaments allow you to compete with other players in a special competitive atmosphere. They are available in all nine Palace games. The winner will also receive plenty of Chips from the pot! Exactly how much you win depends on the tournament.

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Various Tournaments

Finding Tournaments in the Game

Enrollment and Participation

Conditions of Participation


Distribution of Winnings

Various Tournaments

At Palace of Cards, we offer you list tournaments and official Palace of Cards tournaments in the respective games.

List Tournaments

Emblem List Tournament at the Palace of Cards

These tournaments take place daily. The tournaments available differ from game to game.

In general, they differ in terms of the bet, jackpot, custom rules applied, number of series, duration of series, maximum number of participants, and players per table. You will find this information in the tournament list.

Official Palace of Cards Tournaments

Emblem Official Palace of Cards Tournament

You will also find these tournaments in the tournament list. They can be identified via a special emblem. However, they are held a lot less often than the usual list tournaments. But participants stand to win very special prizes!

The bet is only one chip, but the jackpot sometimes holds up to 10,000 Chips. Additionally, you could win Premium-Time as well as exclusive certificates that we design specifically for these events and send to you as a PDF.

Sometimes, there are also special versions of official tournaments. We will of course announce this accordingly.

By the way, one way official tournaments are announced is via a blog post, which you will be notified of either in the Lobby or in the main menu. In addition, notices will also be posted on Facebook for those following the respective pages. Of course, you will also find these tournaments at the respective times in the Competition section of the game.

Finding Tournaments in the Game

An overview of upcoming tournaments can also be found in the respective game by clicking on Competition and then on Tournaments. A list will be displayed. You can scroll quite a bit through this window, as there are numerous list tournaments.

The key information about each tournament is visible here:

Overview: Information in the Tournament List at the Palace of Cards

(1) Start time of tournament

You must have entered the tournament by this point in time: After you have enrolled, you will see Enter instead of Enroll on the button (3) in the tournament list a few minutes before the start of the tournament.

(2) Jackpot

The Jackpot can contain a huge number of Chips. The pot is always distributed among the players in 1st to 3rd place. Read more about this here.

(3) The button

Usually, Enroll is shown on this button. Click on it to register for the tournament. During enrollment, the bet will automatically be deducted from your Chips account.

After this, the button will change: You will now be able to Cancel your participation via this button. However, you will not be refunded your full bet if you do so.

A few minutes before the tournament starts, you can click on the button to Enter the tournament. You can now no longer unenroll from the tournament.

(4) Any active custom rules

This is where you will see symbols for any custom rules that may be active. Click on it to go to the custom rules screen. The rules outlined in yellow here are active. Click on a rule to display the explanation, and then on Okay to close it.

If no custom rules are active, “Tournament according to standard rules” will be displayed here.

(5) Maximum number of players

When the corresponding number of players has enrolled, the tournament is full and nobody else can register.

(6) Duration and configuration

This indicates how many rounds will be played in how many series, and how many players will be seated at a table. This allows you to tell whether a tournament is likely to be short or long and allocate sufficient time.

In the example shown in the screenshot, “2×8, 4 P.” means the following:

  • Four players will be seated at each table.
  • Eight rounds will be played at each table.
  • There are two series. This means that each person will need to play two tables consisting of eight rounds each.

(7) Bet

This indicates how many Chips it will cost you to participate in the tournament. Unfortunately, if you have insufficient Chips, you will not be able to take part.

The bet will automatically be deducted when you enroll for the tournament.

Whether you withdraw, win, or not—the bet has been paid. If you unenroll from the tournament sufficiently in advance, you will be refunded a portion of the bet.

Enrollment and Participation

For each tournament, there is a button labeled Enroll in the list.

Click on it to register for the tournament. During enrollment, the bet will automatically be deducted from your Chips account.

Tournament List at the Palace of Cards

Subsequently, you will be able to Cancel your participation in the tournament using this button, and a few minutes before the tournament begins, you can use it to Enter the tournament. Of course, the button will change to reflect the options available.

To now take part in the tournament, you will need to go online at the right time in your game. We recommend always entering the tournament area a minimum of 8 to 5 minutes before the tournament starts so that you do not miss the tournament!

If you are enrolled and logged in, you will see when the tournament begins at the top right in the Lobby. To get to the tournament, either click on the timer or access the tournament list via the Competition section. Now click on the Enter button next to the tournament. You will now be in the tournament and can take part in it.

Conditions of Participation

To take part in a tournament, all you need is sufficient Chips for the bet. There are no other requirements. Be sure to always pay attention to the duration and size of the tournament so you don’t have to leave it early.


We play according to the Danish system. This means:

  1. There are multiple series. In the first series, the pairings are decided. Now, in the same configuration, the number of rounds specified in the tournament description are played.
  2. For each subsequent series, all players will be sorted based on the points they have gained so far and then grouped according to the list.
  3. At the end of the tournament, the player with the highest number of points across all series wins.

In our games, those who rank 1st to 3rd get a share of the jackpot.

Good to know:

Players who are absent at the start of a series will be disqualified from participating in the tournament.

If a player leaves a table prematurely, the table will be played to the end. Empty places will be filled with substitute players.

If a table is still being played when the next series of the tournament begins or the announcement of the winners commences, the table will be discontinued while the game is still underway. Players will be credited with the points earned up to that point in time. In order to ensure fair competition, we reserve the right to disqualify and ban players who delay the game.

Distribution of Winnings

Generally, the player who places first receives 70% of the jackpot, the second place receives 20%, and third place gets 10%.

Tournament Evaluation with Winners' List at the Palace of Cards

If multiple players share a position because they have the same number of points, the share will be distributed fairly. For example, if there are two players in first place and one in third place, the latter will still receive 10%. Of the remaining 90%, each of the first-place winners will receive half, i.e. 45% of the entire jackpot.