Info Page: In the Game

If you are new to the Palace and require some guidance, this page with general information on playing in the Palace will definitely come in handy. Browse through all the information or use the following links to jump to a specific topic:

The Lobby

– On PC and Laptop

– On Mobile Devices

Game Settings

Tables and Rounds

Quick Play

Selecting a Table

The Table List

Creating a Table

Chatting at the Table

Looking up Rules and Custom Rules at the Table

FREE Players at the Table

Leaving a Table Prematurely

The Slot Machine

The Lobby

Basically, the Lobby gives you access to the League, the Competition area, and your settings at all times.

There are a few differences in the appearance of the Lobby on mobile devices and desktop devices.

On PC and Laptop

When you enter the game, you will immediately be in the Lobby. In addition to the items mentioned above, you will also be shown the table list right away.

Table List and Lobby at the Palace of Cards - Desktop Version

Below this, you will see the options Quick Play, Create table, Invite friends, and the Slot Machine. At the top edge of the screen, you will also find the Help, Game settings, and the full screen option.

On Mobile Devices

In this case, the lobby is more segmented. You will first see the main menu with the buttons for Quick Play, Tables, the game shop, the Slot Machine, the Competition Area, and More.

Choose Tables to go to the table list.

Lobby at the Palace of Cards - Mobile Version

When you click on More, you will have access to the League, your game settings, and the game help. You will also see the options Invite Friends and More Games here.

Game Preferences

In addition to the settings for your profile, there are also the game settings, which you can access on desktop devices via clicking the cogwheel on the upper edge of your screen and on mobile devices via clicking Options in the lobby menu and then Preferences.

Open Preferences at the Palace of Cards
  • You can set the language here. All Palace games are available in at least German and English.

  • You can change the quality. For some games, this toggles between 2D and 3D mode on your PC or laptop. This is the case for:
    – Skat,
    – Doppelkopf,
    – Sheepshead, and
    – Mau Mau.
    Otherwise, your device will consume less power at low quality.

  • You can turn the sound on or off here.

  • You can turn on your chat here, set it to Quickchat, or disable it entirely.
    This determines how other players can communicate with you at the table and how you can communicate with them.
    Quickchat means that instead of free text, you can choose from a number of chat bubbles. These will then be shown to all players in their respective language.

  • You can also choose your card set.
    In some games, you can also configure the sorting of the suits in your hand here.

  • In the Quick Play Settings, you can specify which tables should be included when using the Quick Play Option: You can set an upper limit for bets, select the number of players you prefer if that’s applicable to the game, and you can decide whether tables that use custom rules get included in the search.

Tables and Rounds

You can play at tables in all our games. One table corresponds to one game, so to speak.

Depending on the game and the number of opponents, a different number of rounds may be played at a table.

Round Info in the Table List at the Palace of Cards

The player who has earned the most points after all the rounds at the table wins the table. The number of rounds played and how many players will be playing at a table can be seen in the table list. This information is indicated in the two columns on the far left.

Quick Play

Instead of creating or joining a table manually, you can use the Play button in the main menu. That way, you can jump right to a suitable table.

Upon choosing Play, you will enter a queue while our algorithm looks for tables that fit your settings. Where possible, this is done with suitable opponents—with a similar rating and experience.

The Quick Play option was designed for players who are unable or don’t want to choose a game from the table list. You will randomly be taken to the next fitting and available table.

Option "Quick Match" at the Palace of Cards - Desktop and Mobile Version 1
This is how you select Quick Play in most Palace Games.
On the left side of the image, you see the desktop view. On the right side, you see the mobile device view.
Option "Quick Match" at the Palace of Cards - Desktop and Mobile Version 2
This is how you select Quick Play in Pinochle, Whist, and Gin Rummy.
On the left side of this image, you see the desktop view. On the right side, you see the mobile device view.

You can find your Quick Play Settings in your game Preferences.

  • There, you can define the upper limit for the bet you are willing to place.
    Quick Play will only search for tables that use a bet equal to or lower than the limit you set, and you will only play at tables that you can afford.
    For new players, the maximum bet is automatically limited.

  • If that is applicable to the game, you can also specify the number of players you want to play with at a table.

  • You decide whether to include tables that use custom rules in the search or not.

These are multiple examples of the preferences pop-up with the Quick Play area:

Preferences Pop-Up at the Palace of Cards - Desktop and Mobile Version 1
Here you can edit the Quick Play settings in most Palace Games.
On the left side of the image, you see the desktop view. On the right side, you see the mobile device view.
Preferences Pop-Up at the Palace of Cards - Desktop and Mobile Version 1
Here you can edit the Quick Play settings in Pinochle, Whist, and Gin Rummy.
On the left side of the image, you see the desktop view. On the right side, you see the mobile device view

Selecting a Table

On mobile devices, you’ll see the Tables button. Click on it to view the table list and decide how many rounds and players, and which custom rules you wish to have.

Select a Game at the Table of Cards - Mobile Version

On desktop devices, the table list is your starting area.

Click on the table you like the best in the table list, and wait a moment until there are enough players sitting at the table.

You will also find the Create table button at the bottom of the screen. If you have a Premium Membership, you can use it to create your own table with custom settings.

The Table List

Each row of the table list describes one table. We will now examine step-by-step what the various pieces of information in each row mean.

If a row has a lighter background, you are able to join it. Generally, these tables can be found at the very top of the table list.

On the far left of the row, you can see the number of rounds, and to the right of that is the number of players.

After that, there are the profile pictures of the players who want to play at this table or some text if there is no one else sat at this table.

Symbols in the Table List at the Palace of Cards

On the right, there may be symbols for prerequisites:

  • A percent sign indicates the minimum loyalty value you need to join the table.

  • Golden stars indicate the minimum number of stars shown in gold you need to join the table.

  • A red card fan indicates that custom rules apply at this table.

  • Two white cards indicate that this table does not count towards the League. Training rules apply.

  • A lock symbol indicates that it is a private table. The person who created the table must give you permission to join.

  • A chip with a red and green number indicates that players are playing for Chips at this table.
    • The red number is the Chips bet. In order to play here, you need at least the number of Chips shown by the red number.
    • The green number is the jackpot which the winner or, in some instances, the player in first place (rounded up to 70%) and second place (rounded up to 30%) will receive their share of Chips from.

You can click on any of the symbols on the right end of the row to display an info window with details on the table.

Creating a Table

In all games, you can create a public table without custom rules and with a Chips bet and pot.

To do this on desktop devices, click on Create table in the bottom left of the Lobby. On mobile devices, you’ll find this button by clicking on Tables in the start menu at the bottom of the screen.

With a Premium Membership, you get to decide what happens at your table! Combine custom rules as you see fit, define conditions for playing at your table. You can also create a private table to play undisturbed with your friends, or create a table exclusively for you and your club members by selecting My Club or Club Only, respectively. That way, you get to play for the lead of the internal list. All of these options are available via Create table.

Chatting at the Table

Once you have verified your game account and are sitting at a table in one of our games, you can theoretically chat with everyone sitting at the table. All you have to do is configure the settings correctly.

You can do this in your game settings, which you will find in the Lobby. Your current chat settings (On, Off, Quickchat) will be displayed there. Click on it to change your settings.

Game Settings: Edit Chat Settings

On mobile devices, the chat bar is at the top of the screen when the chat is activated. If it is deactivated, your game settings will show a button with the label Muted next to Chat. Click on it to activate the chat.

Ingame Chat Bar at the Palace of Cards

On desktop devices, the chat bar at the table is located at the bottom of the screen.

If you simply wish to play and do not wish to chat, you can also deactivate the chat. In some games, you can also switch to the Quickchat with speech bubbles. The Quickchat is a handy option if you happen to be sitting at a table with players who do not speak the same language. This is because the speech bubbles will be shown to each player in their chosen language.

Quick Chat at the Palace of Cards

As a Premium Member, you will also be able to send messages to other players when not at a table with them. When you click on a player profile, you will see the Chat button. Use it to send them a message. This player will be able to send you replies until they next log out, even if they do not have a Premium Membership themselves.

Looking up Rules and Custom Rules at the Table

At any time during a game, you can also click on the ? or Help at the top of the screen for an overview of all rules.

You will also find an i or Table info button, which allows you to access a list of the custom rules, among other things. Active custom rules will be highlighted in yellow.

To display the explanation for a custom rule, you can click on the respective rule.

Don’t forget that you have limited time when it’s your turn. It’s best to look up rules when it’s not your turn!

FREE Players at the Table

When the word “FREE” appears at a seat at your current table, the player who was just occupying that seat has left the game.

FREE Player at the Table at the Palace of Cards

This can happen if, for example, there is a problem with the player’s internet connection. The player has two minutes to return to the table, and in the meantime is represented by the FREE player—an AI.

If this player does not return to a table with a Chips bet, the free place can be occupied by another player.

If this does not happen, the FREE player will play until the end of the current round. After that, the table will be terminated, prematurely if necessary. This avoids the remaining players having to continue playing against the computer. Of course, if the FREE player wins, the person who left the game does not receive any winnings in the form of Chips or points.

On the contrary: Players who leave the table may not be refunded their Chips bet, points for the League will be deducted, and loyalty reduced.

Leaving a Table Prematurely

If you leave a table before the game is over, your loyalty will be reduced. As internet connection issues can occur from time to time, we give you two minutes to return to a table with a Chips bet as long as the game is still in progress.

If you do not do so, your loyalty will decrease, League points will be deducted, and you will be blocked for a short time. If there was a Chips bet, your share will remain on the table so that players who play until the end are not disadvantaged.

At tables with no Chips bet, another player will automatically move up to take your place.

The Slot Machine

The Slot Machine is a mini-game in each Palace. You can feed it with Chips to win more Chips.

On desktop devices, you will find the button for it in the Lobby under the table list, on the right. On mobile devices, you will find the button in the main menu upon entering the game.

Here’s how play the Slot Machine:

  • Click on the Slot Machine button.
  • You can now use the blue buttons on the bottom left to set your desired Chips bet.
  • To start the machine, click on the red button on the bottom right, or press the spacebar.
  • You win when at least two of the same symbol appear from right to left. For a more detailed table of winnings, you can click on the blue info button on the bottom right of the machine.
  • Your winnings will automatically be credited to your Chips account, just like your Chips bet.
Chips Slot Machine at the Palace of Cards

If you press the Auto button, the slot machine will automatically continue playing using your previously defined chip bet until you press the Auto button again.