Whist Palace Is Online Now!

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Whist Palace Is Online Now!

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Our Whist Palace is available as of now! Find out about the new Palace Game’s what and where, including a welcome campaign!

What? Bid Whist: Take tricks and win!

Bid Whist brings fun to team players and masters of tactics! Four players compete in teams of two at each table. Stay focussed, as every round can be different from the previous one: Will the card ranks beat upwards or downwards? Is there a trump suit, and if so, which one?

Wouldn’t it be nice to spin the game in a way that suits your cards the best? Luckily, there is a way! After dealing, you get the chance to announce the rules that will most likely help you to win. The catch: You must also announce how many points your partnership can reach. If another player bids more points, they get the say-so. But don’t go too far here, or you will reap plenty of negative points!

Then, the classic fight over the tricks begins: You take turns placing cards in the middle of the table, and the strongest card wins, of course. The player who put that card down wins the trick and gets to collect the four cards face-down. You continue playing this way until all hand cards have been played. Then, it is time to note the scores.

You play as long as you like: Just set a number of rounds or an additional point limit between 5 and 15. So, if you play your cards with savvy and intent, you can take tricks, gain points, and win! Go ahead and give a try!

Of course, we prepared a detailed take on the rules in our Bid Whist Manual.

Where? You can join the game here!

The following platforms are available at the launch of Whist Palace:

Welcome Campaign

  • Everybody visiting the Whist Palace in its early days will automatically receive a one-time housewarming gift of 100 free Chips. Play and top up!
  • Additionally, suppose you reach at least the leveling system’s 15th level at the Whist Palace until September 30, 2022. In that case, you get a special bundle with 500 free Chips and one month of Premium time in a Palace game of your choice! The bundles will be sent out in October after the period of participation is over.
  • On top, we will draw up to five players by lot from the top 100 players with the most league points in Bid Whist in September 2022. These players will each receive one year of Premium time in a Palace game of their choice.

Please bear in mind that you need a valid e-mail address noted in your game account in order to receive the special bundle and the lottery prize, if applicable!

We are very happy to test the new title Whist Palace with you. As per usual, we appreciate praise and constructive criticism, either as a comment here in the blog or directly via e-mail at support@whist-palace.com.

Have fun and a good hand!
Your Palace Team

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