Update on Ads in the Game

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Update on Ads in the Game

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Dear Friends of the Palace,

In February, we announced a test run for ads in our games and explained why we are taking that step. You are getting a status update on the matter here today. Let’s start by clarifying: Players with a Premium Membership will, of course, not see advertisements!

Who Sees Ads in the Game?

Currently, you will only see ads in our game if you play via the Andriod App or the iOS App, with Premium Members being excluded from that.

What do Ads in the Game Mean?

We concluded the test phase and decided on the following formats now:

  • There are ad banners, which are slim ad images, that you can see close to the screen margin at the Palace from time to time, that is at the slot machine, in the table list, and while waiting for fellow players using Quick Play.
  • There are ad clips that will be displayed occasionally after finishing a table, but never in between rounds at a table and, depending on how many tables you play, not necessarily after every table.
  • There are voluntary ad clips that you can find in the game shop. At the press of the respective button, a short ad will be displayed completely, and you will receive a little reward in the form of Chips. We introduced this feature in more detail to you in March.

You see any of the three formats only if you play at the Palace via Android or iOS. Premium Members of this group will neither see ad banners nor ad clips at the end of a table. But the option to voluntarily watch an ad clip for a little reward is also available to Premium Players at the described place in the game.

With this model, we found a way to implement ads in the game while preserving the game flow. Of course, we will keep an eye on the topic and carry out further optimizations if required.

That’s it from our side today. If you have fundamental questions on the topic of ads, you will likely find the answer in our post on the test run for ads in our games and the comments there, respectively.

If, beyond that, you have suggestions, constructive criticism, and maybe even praise, feel free to comment on this post or send an e-mail to support@spiele-palast.de.

Have fun and a good hand!

Your Palace Team

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    Auf ein gutes Spiel

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      I love dis game