Test Run: Ads in the Game

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Test Run: Ads in the Game

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Dear Friends of the Palace,

We are going to test in-game ads over a longer period and want to be transparent about it. This test is in place for us to find a good balance and not detract from the fun while playing. Please take a moment to read what is to come and why we are considering this step. If you have a Premium Membership, you will not see any ads.

Test Phase

Let us start with the basic points: Soon, we are kicking off a long-term test run. You may remember that we did something similar concerning the new shop environment in a few games not too long ago.

During that time, half of you will see the game as it is so far, while the other half will find a slightly modified version. That way, we can determine what works better or worse than before and react and adjust if necessary. Premium accounts are exempted from that entirely

This particular trial is about adding ads to the game without dampening the gaming atmosphere. Of course, there will be no flood of advertising!

Why Ads?

The short version: Occasional ad displays are a chance for us to achieve more solid and predictable revenues. We can use them to grow in the long term and, thus, offer you even better service as well as new features and games.

For the longer version: As you might know, we are currently able to run all Palace Games mainly through optional purchases available in every game. These include Chips Purchases and Premium Memberships, for example. On this base, we developed a team with many different tasks, which ensures a great gaming experience for you.

We want to take further steps regarding product extension and additional features, for which we require additional means. As it already is established practice in most other games, we are striving for broader monetization in the future: still by optional purchases and, to a smaller extent, by advertising. So, we will not depend on advertisements alone.

What Is in It for You?

We mentioned it just a moment ago: With the additional potential arising out of ads, we have more room for maneuver and can offer you even better service.

Since not everybody knows what to picture as service concerning online card games, here are some examples: The Palace of Cards consists of people who research and plan, keep the games running, make your game environment look great, take care of your concerns, test reported bugs, and communicate with you in this post, for example.

With a game’s release, work on the game is not over. The devices used for playing evolve constantly. That requires us to continually maintain and adjust the programs so that you have the games at hand as usual, even on the most recent smartphone.

Here and there, a technical bug might occur. After you report a bug in the game to us, we first need to test when the bug appears and then work out how to remedy it.

Such a bug report does not reach our developers by itself, of course. Our support team takes care of that. In addition, they assist you daily regarding any questions and uncertainties in the game! You can reach them best with a friendly e-mail at support@palace-of-cards.com. Due to the number of inquiries, there might be a waiting time, but your matter will be heard and handled.

Furthermore, we are far from done releasing games. Before a game is ready for release, a lot of work needs to go into research, planning, and the actual setup.

Let us summarize: In the long run, your advantages resulting from the ads are even better games, quicker bug fixing, and a faster-growing game selection!

Thank you for taking the time to read until the end. Our main motivation behind the test run with ads is finding a way to add them to the game as user-friendly as possible. That would mean greater financial room for maneuvering for us, which we want to use to improve your gaming experience.

Have fun and a good hand!

Your Palace Team

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  1. Avatar for Spiele Palast Vinie | 25. April 2023

    Best game I enjoy whist alot and made many new friends too

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast Spiele Palast | 25. April 2023

      Hello Vinie,

      we are glad that you like our game so much and wish you lots of fun playing. 😉

      Best wishes

  2. Avatar for Spiele Palast Cathy J Robertson | 6. March 2023

    I love Canasta and Canasta Palace. I have played Canasta for years and it went off for awhile for some reason. then it came back. I was like a kid, so excited. Then I seen this Canasta Palace. Addicted to this too. I hate ads, but I rather have ads and still have these games.

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast Spiele Palast | 6. March 2023

      Hello Cathy,

      we are glad that you like our game so much and we wish you lots of fun playing it. 😉

      Best wishes

  3. Avatar for Spiele Palast Angel | 23. February 2023

    I’ve played Canasta for a good while now, even on other sites such as POGO, which I thoroughly enjoyed. If ads are allowed, I would much rather uninstall Canasta then to play with ads.

  4. Avatar for Spiele Palast Eleonore Supinsky | 20. February 2023

    When someone leaves the game, a banner runs with a count down to 0 that the game is ending. Please put this banner under the discard pile so I can see my partners cards so I can figure how they play the game.

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast Spiele Palast | 21. February 2023

      Hello Eleonore,

      Thanls for your feedback. We will forward it.

      Best wishes

  5. Avatar for Spiele Palast Janet BenAmor | 17. February 2023

    Thanks for bringing the game of Canasta to my fingers. Otherwise I would have to wait for either my eldest sister to travel to me in Salt Lake City, UT or me to her in Orlando, FL.

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast Spiele Palast | 20. February 2023

      Hello Janet,

      have fun playing. 😉

      Best wishes

  6. Avatar for Spiele Palast Mariola | 10. February 2023

    I truly enjoy playing this game.

  7. Avatar for Spiele Palast Kimberly harmeyer | 9. February 2023

    I play here because of no ads. Please consider a no ad membership.

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast Spiele Palast | 13. February 2023

      Hello Kimberly,

      Premium players will still not see any ads in the game.

      Best wishes

  8. Avatar for Spiele Palast Franz Xaver Zach | 9. February 2023

    I think it would be great, if people that have paid for premium , are free of seeing ads. Regards

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast Spiele Palast | 13. February 2023

      Hello Franz,

      Premium members will still not see any ads in the game.

      Best wishes

  9. Avatar for Spiele Palast Galene Haygood | 9. February 2023

    I absolutely hate ads. That is why I pay for premium service.
    Maybe ads for non premium players.

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast Spiele Palast | 13. February 2023

      Hello Galene,

      Premium members will still not see any ads in the game.

      Best wishes

  10. Avatar for Spiele Palast Aljapa | 8. February 2023

    Today i’ve experienced a glitch in the server many times during the day .
    Not only i have lost a lot of chips also stars .
    How can i get back the chips i lost because of this problem .

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast Spiele Palast | 8. February 2023


      if you had problems in the game, please send us an email to support@canasta-palast.de, then we can have a look into it.


      Best wishes

      • Avatar for Spiele Palast Gail Sanderson | 16. February 2023

        I hate ads!!! Please don’t do this.

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast Deidre Jenkins | 16. February 2023

      Good luck with that! When I wrote to them asking what was wrong with their servers, they denied any issue, yet I have been in games where THREE people get bumped out!

      When I get bumped out, I get penalized. I will lose points.
      It’s a great game and I love playing with many people. They just have to figure out all of the bugs.