New Ingame Shop Ahead

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New Ingame Shop Ahead

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Dear friends of the Palace,

We have taken on modernizing the shop in most Palace Games! That concerns Rummy, Canasta, Solitaire, Spider, Skat, Mau Mau, Doppelkopf, Sheepshead – so, all except Pinochle. 😉

Don’t worry; we are not going to turn anything inside out. We just want to give you a better overview of your Chips, Premium time, card sets, etc. All items and prices remain the same.

Test Phase

An A/B test is currently running. That means that about half of you see the previous structure in the game while the other half can already see the new shop version. That helps us to find out what has improved and what might need tweaking, allowing us to adjust and polish if necessary. After all, this is all about an improved and more comfortable experience for you!

After testing and adjustments where appropriate, the brand-new shop will be available for all players in all games. We will inform you about this again in a blog post!

New: All Information in One Place

Thus far, you could top up your Premium time, add Altenburger card sets, top up Chips, or reset certain stats in separate sections in the game. Now we unite everything in the new game shop.

Palace of Cards: Lobby with Shop Button
This is where you find the new shop button with desktop devices (on the left) and mobile devices (on the right).

You can access it via the new shop button in the desktop lobby or mobile menu and all the familiar paths for accessing the individual sections. That includes, for example, clicking on your Chips balance. Whichever way you choose, you will see this new environment:

Palace of Cards: New Shop top

If you scroll down the new store, you will find the options Buy for a Friend and Voucher there. As explained on our info page on the subject of bonuses, we, unfortunately, cannot offer voucher options for Apple devices.

Palace of Cards: New Shop bottom

We would like to emphasize once more that all available items and their price will be retained and not affected by the restructuring.

We are ending here for today, hoping you enjoy the improvements when encountering them in the test phase!

Write us praise, constructive criticism, and suggestions here in a comment or send an email to

Best regards and good hand,

Your Palace Team

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