Technical Issues at the Skat Palace Solved

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Technical Issues at the Skat Palace Solved

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Dear Friends of the Palace,

As some of you noticed, technical difficulties occurred in our game Skat Palace, circa from March 8, 2022, 8 am CET, to March 9, 2022, 9 am CET. This problem has been solved by now! All affected players can pick up the compensation below!

Due to the problem, any changes of Chips balances were not executed. These features were affected:

  • Payout of free daily login Chips was omitted.
  • Bets and jackpots at tables were omitted (Thus, the tables were neutral concerning Chips).
  • Results of played tables were not saved.
  • Wins at the Chips Slot Machine were not booked.
  • Bonus Chips for level-ups were not booked.

We are sorry for the inconvenience! All affected players can pick up 100 free Chips as compensation.

To do so, enter the following code in the shop in the game or click the link below. The code/link is valid until March 17, 2022.


Enjoy the game and have a good hand!

PS: If you are playing Skat via Facebook, you find more info concerning the issues with Skat on Facebook here.

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