Issues With Facebook Apps

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Issues With Facebook Apps

Klickt hier für die deutsche version.

UPDATE: You can reach the Skat Palace via Facebook again!

Of course, we received many messages from the game community in the past few days. As we work on each request separately, we kindly ask that you be patient if you have not heard back from us yet. We are on it at full steam, and you will definitely receive an answer!

Please note that we currently cannot convert further profiles verified via Facebook into profiles verified via E-Mail.

And as promised, we have compensation for you – 100 Chips and one day of Premium time.

To collect it, enter the following codes in the game OR click the links below. All codes / links are valid until the 19th of March, 2022.



If problems should occur, you can find information concerning the codes and links here:
If you already have Premium time, the Premium period will be extended by one day.

Have fun and a good hand!

Dear friends of the Palace,

Currently, we are unfortunately experiencing problems with our apps on Facebook. At the moment, that concerns Skat Palace.

We are working on a solution and are in touch with Facebook so that you will hopefully soon be able to play all Palace Games smoothly via Facebook again.

Of course, there will be a little compensation for all affected players.

Best regards and wishing you a good hand,

Your Palace Team

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