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Dear friends of the Palace,

The second beta test ended today, on November 9, 2020. Thank you very much for your support!

We will now get to optimizing the leveling system. We want to be able to announce the feature release soon, after all. Keep your eyes peeled!

Your Palace Team

Dear friends of the Palace,

Recently, we introduced our plans for the leveling system to you. And from October 21 until October 29, 2020, you could try it out in the first beta test. Thanks to your participation and feedback, we were able to spot and remove bugs. Hence, it is time for the second round of testing!

The Leveling System

If you have not heard of it yet, you find a quick run-down here. And you can find more details in our first blog post on this topic.

You will collect experience points for each round, no matter if won or lost. You cannot lose XP you gained! As a result, players who come by often and spend time playing at the Palace gather many XP in the long run.

Fundamentally, every table brings experience points. Additionally, victory and taking higher risks by playing at tables with higher bets will increase your experience points even more! With certain numbers of XP, you will reach levels.

With levels reached, you unlock exclusive rewards in the game: We are thinking Chips, frames for your profile picture, skins for the tables at the Palace, and individual patterns for the back of the playing cards. You get all these contents for free by simply taking part in the game and collecting XP.

Border and shape examples:

Table skin examples:

Card back examples:

The Second Beta Test

We want to provide you with the best possible experience! Thus, we worked with your feedback from the first beta test and revised the feature. Thank you for participating!

To join the new version’s test, you can play the Skat Palace‘s beta version until November 9, 2020.

That means you will be entering a dedicated environment where the leveling system is already running. You can access the beta version when playing via browser or on android devices.


For Browser Players

For Android Players

Browser players can use these links to enter the game:

If you want to join later, you will also get the chance to enter the beta via a notification at the Palace.

Click the link in the notification, and you are good to collect experience points, level up, and unlock rewards on a test basis!

Android users can use these links to get to the fitting Beta App:

If you want to join later, you can find the app you want to check at the Playstore. Now tap it to go to the app detail page.

There you see if a beta version is available. Then, tap Join for the beta version.

Read more about beta versions in Android on Google Play’s help page.

You can tell if you are in the normal game or the beta version by looking at the game logo in the lobby. If you see “Beta” written on top of it, you are in the beta version. You can play like you usually do while exploring some changes caused by the leveling system. Meanwhile, we will check if the distribution of XP makes sense, for example. Should any errors or problems occur during the beta test, you will be able to report them in the game immediately. This way, you are directly contributing to developing new versions!

Chips, star points, and league points that you gain or lose in the beta version will be issued to your player account in the normal game as per usual. Furthermore, you will receive additional free Chips for reaching new levels, which get to keep when the beta phase ends.

Similarly, your positions in the league and, if applicable, Premium membership remain with you in the normal game and the beta version. However, the XP and levels unlocked in the beta test will be deleted once the beta test ends. As a result, all players will equally start from scratch in the leveling system when the feature is officially released.

To be Continued

Here goes the next shared test phase! Join the test or relax and wait until we officially publish the new version. We cannot wait for it either!

Meanwhile, feel free to let us know what you look forward to most with the new extension.

As soon as we know, when we release the full feature, there will be another blog post with more detail. So, keep your eyes peeled!

Kind regards,

Your Palace Team


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  1. Avatar for Spiele Palast Michael McInerney | 14. November 2020

    Hey, why is it EVERY TIME I play a very experianced person they get a slew of wild cards and then block the pick up pile, which is fine but NOT A SINGLE TIME do they lay down a card that I have a pair of so I can pick up the discard pile??? NEVER HAPPENS. Its simply NOT mathematically possible. NOT ONCE in 10 games do I get to picknup the discard pile. Simply no god gamn way. Some how PAYING MEMEBER ALWAYS GETS THE ADVANTAGE.

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 16. November 2020

      Hello Michael,

      We use a recognized shuffling algorithm for the distribution of cards and ensure that all players have the same chances, regardless of premium status, stars or other factors. It is very important to us that our platform is fair, preferring or discriminating against certain players is absolutely excluded.

      Best wishes

  2. Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 12. November 2020

    Hello Maria,

    Thank you for your message. We introduced this new update because many players, especially beginners, wanted a beginner’s table where they could play the game without the pressure of the league and also practice the game. We followed that wish from the players.

    We collect all the feedback and then evaluate it accordingly.

    Best wishes

  3. Avatar for Spiele Palast Tom Meyer | 10. November 2020

    Hello, Game number 6,786,418 froze after one player left. We waited a long tine and eventually we left. Now we are being penalized. Can someone look into this and reverse the penalty?
    Thank you.

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 10. November 2020

      Hello Tom,

      you got an email from us with some questions regarding the bug. We would ask you to answer this questions. We have re-credited the table stake and the points to you.

      Best wishes

  4. Avatar for Spiele Palast Dianna | 9. November 2020

    I updated to the new one. And I started as a new person and can only get 2 chips for awhile? Why did this happen? I have to play so many games to be able to vet high. SERIOUSLY

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 9. November 2020

      Hello Dianna,

      i think you created a new profile. Please write us under so that wen can help you in that matter.

      Best wishes

      • Avatar for Spiele Palast Dianna Hernandez | 22. November 2020

        Now this is happening. am wondering if anyone else is experiencing not being able to see the pick up like and discard pile. Also not being able to c all my cards on the screen. It has been happening alot and I am losing my chips on games that this is happening too. It is not doing it all the time but it is happening alot. It’s so fustrating to click on a table to find out u can’t see the pick up pile. What is happening I am picking up every discard the opponent throws cause I can see the pick up new card pile???
        Not happy with this new update stuff. This use to be my fav game

        • Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 23. November 2020

          Hello Dianna,

          the bug is already known and we work already on a solution. Please be patient.

          Best wishes

  5. Avatar for Spiele Palast Leslie | 5. November 2020

    Hallo ?

    I don’t see a link here for the Android Beta. Also could not find it on the Google Play Store.

    I had the same problem with the first beta until an in-game pop-up appeared (Solitaire Palace) just one day before the beta ended.

    Do I need to wait for a notice?


    • Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 5. November 2020

      Hello Leslie,

      The beta for Android is not yet available, but will follow some time later. You can find all information about the beta directly above in our blog.

      Here is the link to the beta for our website, if you want to use it.

      Best wishes

  6. Avatar for Spiele Palast Peter | 4. November 2020

    Es existiert keine Schaltflaeche fuer den letzten Stich in den Null-Spielen – aber eine Schaltflaeche fuer die Spielaufgabe in (fast) der gleichen Position. Dies fuehrt zu Fehlklicks. Vorschlag: Einfuehrung einer Schaltflaeche fuer den letzten Stich auch in den Nullspielen.

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 4. November 2020

      Hallo Peter,

      kannst du uns dies bitte direkt schreiben an Wir benötigen noch ein paar Angaben von dir damit wir dem Fehler nachgehen können.

      Vielen Dank