Welcome to the Palace of Cards


Your game for strategy and combination!
Two can play a tactician duel, and four will compete in teams of two. Catch the discard pile, combine as many cards as possible, get a little help from wild cards, and collect the most points!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The classic for any time of the day!
Play with one, two, or three opponents and win. Be the first to get rid of your hand cards following every trick in the book. The Jokers may be of help. Maybe you can even achieve going Rummy!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The German classic for card game professionals!
Play in threes – always two against one.
„18“ – „Yes,“ „20” – „Accept,“ „22“ – „Pass.“
Take the Skat and face the challenge trick by trick. May the trump cards be with you!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The team player game for trick-taking fans!
There are always four of you – two face two, or one takes on three. The Queens of Clubs and you decide: Normal, Marriage or Solo? Collect tricks for your party and gain the victory!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The southern German classic pits on competition: Four players compete either two vs. two or one vs. three. Rely on the Obers or choose Wenz! Who will come out on top and fulfill their announcement?

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


Trick-taking with a Wurttemberg twist:
Melds deal points – like the Pinochle featuring the Jack of Clubs and the Queen of Spades! Play in two teams of two or as three lone fighters. Get the kitty, collect tricks, and reach your bid!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The speedy classic is online!
If you are playing as two, three, or four – each turn is a potential surprise. You have to empty your hand card by card, but your opponents could get in the way: Seven means drawing two!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


Fans of brain-teasers are in for a good time here!
Besides the challenge of solving the game tactically, you are facing up to three opponents. Sort the families from King to Ace. Will you solve the game best?

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The classic for all riddle-solvers!
Play strategically against up to three players: Each one frees and sorts their cards separately. Who will win? Weave your plan for quickly and effectively catching the most points in your web!

Leveling at the Horizon

| Spiele Palast 9
Leveling at the Horizon

Klickt hier für die deutsche Version.


Dear friends of the Palace,

The beta test ended today, on October 29, 2020. You supported us much during the last week. Hence, we thank you for participating and your suggestions!

We collected everything and will put it to good use – optimizing the leveling system for you. Of course, we will update you here when the feature is being released!


Your excited Palace Team

Dear friends of the Palace,

Today we take another look forward to the upcoming changes in our games. We are working on a significant addition, which will enable you to adjust your game’s appearance to your wishes. And if you like, you can try it out as of now in the beta test!

We want to reward our loyal regular players. Thus far, you can collect league points, Chips, and stars at the Palace. Those represent different aspects of playing. This year, we want to open another segment – leveling for experience. Work on this is well underway!

Gather Experience

It works as follows: You will collect experience points (XP) for each round, no matter if won or lost. You cannot lose XP you gained! As a result, players who come by often and spend time playing at the Palace, like our regulars, gather many XP in the long run. Players stopping by occasionally will take a little longer to level up.

Though every table fundamentally brings experience points, we want to reward a victory and thereby skill even more. Accordingly, you will score more XP when winning a table. Additionally, venturing gains. Hence, your XP will increase even more at tables with higher bets!

Experience Comes in Levels

With certain numbers of XP, you will reach levels. Your level will be displayed in your profile, similar to the stars ranking right now. Also, you will see your level at the top of the lobby at all times. Finally, you will get a summary of the XP you gained at the end of every table and see if you reached the next level.

Treat Yourselves

With levels reached, you unlock exclusive rewards in the game: We are thinking Chips, frames for your profile picture, skins for the tables at the Palace, and individual patterns for the back of the playing cards.

Using these elements, you can match the game’s look to your taste and impress your fellow players with your framed profile picture! What is best about it: You get all these contents for free, by simply taking part in the game and collecting XP.

Examples for borders and shapes:

Examples for table skins:

Examples for the backs of cards:

The Beta Test

We want to provide you with the best possible experience! And we can only do that with you, the player community. To join testing, you can play a beta version at the Skat Palace, Solitaire Palace, and Rummy Palace until October 29, 2020. With a test like this, we are able to identify any bumps and smooth them.

That means you will be entering a dedicated environment where the leveling system is already running. You can access the beta version when playing via browser or on android devices.

For Browser Players

For Android Players

Browser players can use these links to enter the game:

If you want to join later, you will also get the chance to enter the beta via a notification at the Palace.

Click the link in the notification, and you are good to collect experience points, level up, and unlock rewards on a test basis!

Android users can use these links to get to the fitting Beta App:

If you want to join later, you can find the app you want to check at the Playstore. Now tap it to go to the app detail page.

There you see if a beta version is available. Then, tap Join for the beta version.

Read more about beta versions in Android on Google Play’s help page.

You can tell if you are in the normal game or the beta version by looking at the game logo in the lobby. If you see “Beta” written on top of it, you are in the beta version. You can play like you usually do while exploring some changes caused by the leveling system. Meanwhile, we will check if the distribution of XP makes sense, for example. Should any errors or problems occur during the beta test, you will be able to report them in the game immediatly. This way, you are directly contributing to developing new versions!

Chips, star points, and league points that you gain or lose in the beta version will be issued to your player account in the normal game as per usual. Furthermore, you will receive additional free Chips for reaching new levels, which get to keep when the beta phase ends.

Similarly, your positions in the league and, if applicable, Premium membership remain with you in the normal game and the beta version. However, the XP and levels unlocked in the beta test will be deleted once the beta test ends. As a result, all players will equally start from scratch in the leveling system when the feature is officially released.

To be Continued

We are excited about the shared test phase and get right back to work. After all, we want to offer our player community something great! Join the test or relax and wait until we officially publish the new version.

Meanwhile, feel free to let us know what you think of this addition in the comments. Are you looking forward to modifying your game’s look or rather to the race for the next level?

As soon as we know when we will release the full feature, there will be another blog post with more detail. So, keep your eyes peeled!

Kind regards,

Your Palace Team


  1. Avatar for Spiele Palast Jeff Brown | 21. October 2020

    Sounds great!

    Thanks for a wonderful gaming app.

  2. Avatar for Spiele Palast Twyla Topham | 24. October 2020

    I wish you would get the bugs fixed for Apple products first.
    We still can’t take a card off the Discard pile And add it to our hand with 2 cards from our hand.
    It’s very frustrating.

    I assume this beta version isn’t for IOS.

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 27. October 2020

      Hello Twyla,

      you can update your game directly over the App Store. The Bug should be fixed now. You can find info about the beta under the following link.


      Best wishes

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast Chris | 27. October 2020

      Check the custom table rules. I have no problem doing this with my Apple product. There is a rule that, when set, will cause this.
      I think it’s the district wildcards or strict discard. Not sure which.

      • Avatar for Spiele Palast Chris | 27. October 2020

        Oops sorry Twyla, I think I replied without fully understanding. ?
        Anyway to delete my comment(s)?

  3. Avatar for Spiele Palast Nancy | 25. October 2020

    I just hit my iPhone 12 and my opponent’s cards aren’t visible on his rack anymore.

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 27. October 2020

      Hello Nancy,

      please write us directly under support@spiele-palast.de so that we can help you better in that matter.

      Best wishes

  4. Avatar for Spiele Palast steve68 | 25. October 2020

    My favorite place to play Skat online; thanks for all the updates! If you need help translating anything to English in the future, I’m happy to help.

  5. Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 18. November 2020

    Hallo Maria,

    wir haben dieses neue Update eingeführt, da sich viele Spieler, vor allem Anfänger einen Anfängertisch gewünscht haben an dem Sie das Spiel ohne den Druck der Liga spielen zu können um auch das Spiel zu üben. Dem sind wir entsprechend nachgekommen.

    Den Chat kannst du übrigens unter Einstellungen im Spiel an- sowie ausschalten.

    Wir sammeln aber einmal das Feedback dazu und werten dieses dann entsprechend aus.

    Viele Grüße

    In English

    Hello Maria,

    We have introduced this new update because many players, especially beginners, have wanted a beginners table where they can play the game without the pressure of the league in order to practice the game. We followed theire wishes accordingly.

    By the way, you can switch the chat on and off under Settings in the game.

    But we collect the feedback once and then evaluate it accordingly.

    Best wishes

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