Updated: Sanctions in The Game

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Updated: Sanctions in The Game

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Dear Friends of the Palace,

To improve everybody’s playing environment, we strengthened penalties for misconduct during play. This concerns all games. Find the details below!

The Innovation

Changes rather take place in the background: From now on, penalties for repeatedly banned users will increase noticeably steeper each time, up to a permanent ban!

The keynote here is to keep up the community’s joy of playing as just as possible and giving troublemakers less room.

Staying Fair

At this point, we would like to point out once more that misusing the reporting feature, i.e., unjust reports and excessive reporting, also has consequences.

If you simply don’t want to deal with a fellow player, that is no reason to report them. Instead, you can add them to your ignore list at any time via the ignore button in the respective player profile.

As usual, we follow up on complaints about unjust reports and bans! Combining with the strengthened penalties, we are doing our best to minimize unjust sanctions as much as possible.

Cheers and a good hand,

Your Palace Team