Upcoming Price Increase

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Upcoming Price Increase

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Dear Friends of the Palace,

We will increase the prices of optional purchases at the Palace of Cards. Learn here why, what that means exactly, and how you will be able to carry out optional in-game purchases at a favorable rate in the future.


We are aware that this point in time is inconvenient for a price increase after the prices have remained the same over multiple years. After all, everything is becoming more expensive at the moment. But that is exactly our point:

Running games costs money, for example, for servers, staff, fees, and electricity. All these are more expensive for us than before, and our team also grew step by step over the past years for us to provide you with great service.

Together with other steps, this price increase ensures that the Palace of Cards can be a high-quality platform for our current and coming games in the future, too.

Which Products Are Affected?

In each Palace Game, you find a shop for optional purchases. That includes Chips and Premium Time, among other things.

The prices will soon increase for all products you see in the in-game shop. The timing can differ depending on the platform you use and the respective game as we take this adjustment step by step.

Furthermore, we will tidy up the game shop, which means the available products may change in the foreseeable future.

How Can You Receive Chips on Favorable Terms Further On?

In the future, there will be multiple ways to still get Chips and other Palace Products at a favorable price!

Using Sales

Most of you have likely noticed before that we offer you a sale in the game on occasion. Of course, we are not stopping that. During a sale, the most popular Palace Products are reduced by up to 30%. That way, you can regularly pick up your Chips for cheaper! And as an exception, we reveal the next opportunities for discounts in advance:

  • On May 13 and 14, 2023
  • On May 20 and 21, 2023
  • From May 26 to 31, 2023

You can also stock up on Chips before the price increase comes into effect, of course. To do so, check the game shop, and seize them.

Advantages for Regular Purchases

Naturally, we want to accommodate those that have been supporting us through optional purchases for a long time and frequently.

That is why we will implement a type of bonus or loyalty system in the future, enabling us to provide you with individual offers. The great thing about this is that past purchases will be taken into account. If you already purchased a lot, you will enjoy benefits from the get-go.

The Webshop

This is especially interesting to players via Android and Apple: We are working on a separate webshop for mobile devices, which you can choose to use in the future.

That means that you will purchase directly at Palace of Cards instead of going via Google Play or the Apple App Store. That way, we can save on fees that would otherwise go to Google and Apple, respectively. That enables us to make you more favorable offers.

We thank you – for the support so far, for taking the time to read until the end, and for your understanding in these exciting times!

Have fun and a good hand!

Your Palace Team

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  1. Avatar for Spiele Palast Wanda (Sunny) | 10. May 2023

    I play Canasta and rummy on same iPad under same name. Can I share my paid membership, coins and all? Love your games.

    Thank you


    • Avatar for Spiele Palast Spiele Palast | 11. May 2023

      Hello Wanda,

      Thank you for your question, you can only transfer your chips to someone else if you have purchased them within the last three months. If you want, you can give your premium days to someone else. Please contact us directly at support@spiele-palast.de.

      Best wishes