Resolved Issues in Canasta

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Resolved Issues in Canasta

Klick hier, um den Beitrag auf Deutsch zu lesen.

Dear Canasta Community,

Canasta had server issues starting yesterday, as some of you noticed.

We have resolved the issue by now, and everything should be working as usual again. Affected Chips Bets of that period were automatically credited back to the player accounts.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Have fun and a good hand again!

Your Palace Team

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  1. Avatar for Spiele Palast Brigitte kochan | 8. March 2023

    Ich möchte gern in Deutscher Sprache spielen, plötzlich war alles in englisch..wo kann ich wechseln???

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast Spiele Palast | 13. March 2023

      Hallo Brigitte,

      du kannst die Sprache jederzeit im Spiel über die Einstellungen ( english “preferences or settings” ).

      Best wishes

  2. Avatar for Spiele Palast janet ristow | 28. February 2023

    Is there any rules of conduct? If someone is very rude and insulting during a game, is there a report that can be made?

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast Spiele Palast | 28. February 2023

      Hello Janet,

      we are very sorry that you had such a bad experience on your table. We dont tolerate such behaviour on our platform. You can report such player directly on your table with a clickon his profile picture and with a another click on the report button.

      Best wishes

  3. Avatar for Spiele Palast Beverly Coleman | 20. February 2023

    I purchased 30 days 2/8/23 and when I go to create a table, it’s already asking for more money! Take care of this

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast Spiele Palast | 21. February 2023

      Hello Beverly,

      so, you have the premium membership and cant create a table? Please explain that further and write us an email to and we will have a look into it.

      Best wishes