New: Tournaments and Clubs at the Pinochle Palace!

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New: Tournaments and Clubs at the Pinochle Palace!

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We previously announced it, and finally, the time has come: The club feature for Pinochle is here! That means you get to connect and compete with like-minded players even better!

Quite a bit is going on in the competition area, where, besides the clubs, tournaments are now available, too! We will talk more about those below.

Your Club

Anyone can create a club for 100 Chips and start inviting members. This way, you can gather and stay connected with pleasant players from the Palace as well as friends and colleagues with a Pinochle profile!

It is up to you to shape your club since you are the club lead! You lay down the objective, emblem, and lineup. There is a club bank for Chips, so that you can provide for a league ticket or more member slots together.

Please enter!

When founding a club, you are automatically a member, of course. But if you just want to take part, you can apply to existing clubs instead. You can do so via fellow players who are club members or via the club search in the competition area.

There is also a chance you will get invited into a club after an especially fun round of Pinochle! By the way: If you already have a main club, you can join further clubs as a guest.


Clubs can compete with one another as well – in the club league! Participation requires a league ticket, which costs 25 Chips per club member. All members‘ scores are summed up for you tose e where you stand in comparison with other clubs. Every three months, the club with the highest total score gets declared Club Champion! Additionally, each club has an internal ranking.

Pinochle Tournaments

We are over the moon being able to introduce the next feature right away! The gates to the arena are open: As of now, you can prove your skills in daily tournaments and compete for the big jackpot in special tournaments. You get to play more intensively and collect plenty of points and gaming experience at the same time.

The Rules

Our tournament system is based on the Danish system: there are several series in a tournament. And per series, the same group of players competes over several rounds. For the first series, the matches are drawn by lot.

Afterward, we scale and group all players by score before any new series. At the end of the tournament, the player with the highest total score wins! Of course, club members diligently collect points for their clubs during tournaments, too.

Each tournament comes with a jackpot that will be split among the three best players: Currently, we distribute 70% to the first place, 20% to the second place, and 10% to the third place.

How to Participate

Signing up works by clicking on the desired tournament. After that, you are enrolled, and the entrance fee is automatically subtracted from your Chips balance.

Let us not get ahead of ourselves – where can you find the tournaments? You need to get to the competition area at the Pinochle Palace first. You will find it at the bottom of the lobby via the trophy symbol.

Now, you select Tournaments and see a list of the scheduled tournaments. Clicking Enroll is the goal here.

In order to participate, you need to be online at the Pinochle Palace shortly before the tournament starts. You can find the starting time in the tournament list. Then, you can enter the tournament via the list or get a popup as a reminder. Now you are ready to set out in proper competition atmosphere!

Special Tournaments – The Cherry on Top

With the tournament feature, Pinochle fans also get to enjoy the popular custom tournaments. Everyone can take port for a fee as low as one Chip! In comparison, the jackpot of 10,000 Chips gigantic!

Those tournaments will appear in the regular tournaments list, but we will, of course, inform you here in the blog as well as on our Facebook page when a custom tournament is scheduled.

Sometimes, we come up with additions – especially many series for longer gaming fun, for example! We currently include Premium days and exclusively designed PDF certificates for the winners in all custom tournaments. Additionally, there is glory and recognition since we publish the winners’ user names here in the blog.

At this point, we wish you heaps of fun with the eagerly anticipated features! Get together in clubs and face the challenge in tournaments. ?

If you have suggestions or questions, feel free to post them here in a comment or send an e-mail to


Your Palace Team


  1. Avatar for Spiele Palast Phil | 20. January 2021

    So tonight I’m playing in a 3 handed American tournament and in the first round I get paired with 2 computer opponents, yea! Your program for the computer playing hands sucks! They will always play a low card even if the plays calls for a higher card. The bid winner plays a low non trump card, I play the ace the other computer player plays a jack, next hand the computer plays same suit but with an ace, I play a jack the other computer plays a 10!
    I’m very dissatisfied with this new tournament arraignment if we have to play against the computer

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 20. January 2021

      Hello Phil,

      Thank you for your message. If you find that our free player does not play optimally or even makes mistakes, please send us a game that you want to complain about or the round number from the statistics. Please send this to Please, together with a description as detailed as possible, where exactly, in your opinion, there is a need for action and why. The lap number can be found in your statistics directly at the date and time of the lap.

      We are always in the process of improving our free player and will pass this information on to the responsible colleagues. I am looking forward to your reply.

      Best wishes

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