New Feature: Leveling System

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New Feature: Leveling System

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Dear friends of the Palace,

It is time at last: We officially released the leveling system!

Of course, the leveling system comes with levels reached via experience points and new game contents as a cherry on top. That creates a new competition! And you can adjust the game’s looks to your wishes level by level.

Level Up

Now, you automatically collect experience points for each finished table. You love your game and regularly play a table? That will show soon! Also, winning deals additional experience points!

A table’s further characteristics can affect the experience points as well: They depend on the game and include the number of fellow players, your progress at the table, the bet, and a few custom rules.

You will reach each level with certain numbers of experience points. Fellow players see which level you are at, and vice versa. At the end of every table, you will see how many experience points you gained and if you reached a new level.

And in your own player profile, you can see how many experience points you need for the next level-up! Additionally, you can choose if you want to play using your own table and card backs only.

By default, the game will display the selections of the table host, if there is one. If you do not like that and would rather use your settings, just turn the option host table off.

New Game Contents

With levels reached, you unlock exclusive rewards in the game: We are thinking Chips, frames for your profile picture, skins for the tables at the Palace, and individual patterns for the back of the playing cards. These are unprecedented options! You get all these contents for free – by simply taking part in the game and collecting experience points.

What Will Change in the League?

To make it short: nothing.

The leveling system is a new and separate feature. You will collect league points, Chips, and stars just like before. And the experience points will top it up!

By the way: By popular request, our games now come standard with tables using the custom rule Training. These tables do neither affect the league nor the star rating. This way, you can practice risk-free at these tables without worrying about decreases in your stats. Nevertheless, you will still gain experience points at these tables.

Thank You!

We are incredibly glad to provide this feature to you! And you, the player community, helped to accomplish that directly. We had two beta tests in different games: One in Skat, Solitaire, and Rummy from October 21 to 29, and another one from November 4 to 9 just in Skat. This way, we could identify any bumps with your help and smooth them. For this, we are very grateful!

The Leveling Sale

We celebrate the new leveling system with a sale until Sunday, November 29, 2020! For now, your favorite products, Chips, for example, are available at a discount of up to 30% at the Palace!

At this point, we can tell you one thing: Have fun! We hope the new feature will bring you joy! And let us find out who will level up fastest.

We are always happy to receive praise and constructive criticism in the blog comments or via e-mail at

Greetings and wishing you a good hand,

Your Palace Team

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  1. Avatar for Spiele Palast Kerstin Martin-Krüger | 29. November 2020


    • Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 30. November 2020

      Hallo Kerstin,

      hast du eine Frage?

      Viele Grüße

  2. Avatar for Spiele Palast FABIOLA | 29. November 2020

    I love it the changes , and earn chips for level up makes me happy to be continued playing regards from venezuela south america

  3. Avatar for Spiele Palast Ziizii | 28. November 2020

    How many levels?

  4. Avatar for Spiele Palast Ashley | 27. November 2020

    Hi if I’m a premium member already
    Can I buy another 30 days

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 30. November 2020

      Hello Ashley,

      if you have already a subscription thats not possible. But if you play over the pc you can buy 30 Premium days.

      Best wishes

  5. Avatar for Spiele Palast Caroline Moser | 26. November 2020

    Was wondering how I can gain stars? I’ve been at three stars almost since the beginning

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 26. November 2020

      Hello Caroline,

      Thank you for your question. The star rating is changing after every match you played and calculates dynamically, regarding your previous rating and the rating of your fellow players. This dynamical system was created by the well known company Microsoft and is called TrueSkill Ranking System.

      How does dynamical rating work?
      You receive the more bonus points in your star rating the more experienced opponents you play with and win. (That means they had less star rating points than you when you started the match.) You receive a little less bonus points when your opponents are less experienced than you. (They had a lesser star rating at the start of the match which you have won).

      Since you get more bonus points for winning against stronger opponents, you, on the other hand, lose more points, when losing a match against weaker opponents. When you lose against stronger opponents you lose a little less points, consequently.

      Because of this dynamical rating, some players with 5 stars have played 144.000 matches, however, others have played only 34.000.

      Where can I find my rating?

      The change of the star rating is displayed after every match. Just have a look at the small star symbol next to your avatar. When you click “My Profile” you’ll find your current star rating in the “Details” section. Click yours stars and the current rating will be shown in numbers, for example 25.92 points for a player with 4 stars. You can also click “Statistics” to have a look at the ups and downs of your star rating.

      The stars resemble the following ratings:

      1 star: every new player starts with 1 star and 0 rating points

      2 stars: starting at 1 point in the rating

      3 stars: starting at 10 points

      4 stars: starting at 20 points

      5 stars: starting at 33 points

      When having a close look at the ratings and appendant stars, you’ll notice that it gets harder and harder to gain the next star. When your rating falls below one of those point steps, you’ll lose a star. As soon as you regained the missing rating points you’ll get back your star.

      I hope I was able to answer your question. Have fun playing our game!

  6. Avatar for Spiele Palast MarieGarner | 22. November 2020

    Thank you so much.

  7. Avatar for Spiele Palast Isabelle vn Niekerk | 22. November 2020


    • Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 23. November 2020

      Hello Isabelle,

      Please always make sure that you have a sufficient internet connection. We cannot accept any liability for your private internet service.

      Best wishes

  8. Avatar for Spiele Palast Glenda Twehues | 22. November 2020

    I really like the changes. How do we know when we move up to the next star rating? I have been on two foreve, but I’m still trying to learn the game so I loose a lot.

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 23. November 2020

      Hello Glenda,

      The stars resemble the following ratings:

      1 star: every new player starts with 1 star and 0 rating points
      2 stars: starting at 1 point in the rating
      3 stars: starting at 10 points
      4 stars: starting at 20 points
      5 stars: starting at 33 points

      Best wishes

  9. Avatar for Spiele Palast Christopher Amon | 21. November 2020

    Maybe you’ve thought about this before, I give care to my wife with a seizure disorder and am forced at times to lay down a game due to an emergency, perhaps as part of the leveling prizes a “get out of jail free type card could be added. I purpose one chit per 500 games or a stepped scale, 200, 500, 900, 1500, 2200. Furthermore, you could only have one … making it rare but there if needed.

    Stellar job Devs, Customer Service is great all a round best game online.

  10. Avatar for Spiele Palast Tracy Benton | 21. November 2020

    Is there an option to turn off Leveling? I do not like this new feature

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast spielepalast | 23. November 2020

      Hello Tracy,

      no, there isnt.

      Best wishes

  11. Avatar for Spiele Palast Leslie | 20. November 2020

    I like the changes! ?