Gin Rummy Palace Is Online Now!

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Gin Rummy Palace Is Online Now!

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Our Gin Rummy Palace is available as of now! Find out about the new Palace Game, where to play it, and the welcome campaign!

UPDATE: The ‘100-Chips Welcome Promotion’ was valid until October 18, 2023. If you haven’t received your chips, please contact support.

Gin Rummy: Collect, Knock, and Win!

Gin Rummy is a fast-paced two-player competition: You draw and arrange cards covertly while shedding redundant cards underway. What matches? Which cards are the key to your victory?

In Gin Rummy, it is all about melds, which makes the game easily accessible for fans of Rummy and Canasta! The knack: You don’t lay off any cards until the end of the round! You combine the cards into melds in your hand. In each of your turns, you need to draw and then discard a card. That way, you work towards completing the image step by step while the game proceeds quickly.

Handcards that don’t fit any melds are called deadwood. If these cards‘ total value is lower than 10 points, you may knock and, thus, end the round. But not so fast: If your opponent has fewer deadwood points than you, the tables turn, and they win! Will you find the right time to knock?

At the Gin Rummy Palace, you play as long as you like: Simply determine your score threshold between 10 and 500 points. Go ahead, and knock before your opponent does to gain victory points and bonuses. Now it’s your turn to give it a try!

Of course, we prepared the rules in detail in our Gin Rummy Manual for you.

And a quick heads up: Features like access to personal statistics and the complete game help will be available at the Gin Rummy Palace after future updates. Of course, experience points and all league elements are being recorded from the start already.

You Can Play Here!

At the start of Gin Rummy Palace, the following platforms are available:

Welcome Campaign

Step into the new Palace and feel free to stay a bit – it’s worthwhile:

  • By visiting the Gin Rummy Palace in its beginnings, you will receive 100 free Chips as a one-off welcome gift! Play and top up!

  • If you reach the 20th level in Gin Rummy’s leveling system by November 15, 2023, you will receive a special bundle of 500 free Chips and 30 Premium Days on top to redeem once in a game of your choice! The bundles will be sent out after the period of participation ends.

Please bear in mind that you need a valid e-mail address noted in your game account in order to receive the special bundle!

We are very happy to share our Gin Rummy Palace with you. As usual, we appreciate praise and constructive criticism, either as a comment here in the blog or directly via e-mail at

Have fun and a good hand!

Your Palace Team

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  1. Avatar for Spiele Palast Laura | 16. October 2023

    Good games

  2. Avatar for Spiele Palast Sandra Donaldson | 12. October 2023

    I’m in. 🙂

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast Spiele Palast | 12. October 2023

      Hello Sandra,

      have fun playing. 😉

      Best wishes