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Cribbage is a popular two-player card game that can be played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. The game has distinctive features, such as the cribbage board for scorekeeping, the crib, and two distinct scoring stages. Cribbage is a popular card game with a long history and is played worldwide. It is especially popular in English-speaking countries.

The objective of the game is to be the first player to reach 121 points. Points are scored for creating certain card combinations during the play of the hand, as well as during the show, which is when both players reveal their hands and compare scores.

To set up the game, shuffle the deck and deal six cards to each player. Each player then selects two cards to place in the crib, which is a shared, face-down pile. The non-dealer cuts the deck, and the dealer reveals the top card as the starter card.

During play, the cards have the following values: Face Cards – 10 points, Numbered cards – their pip value, and Aces – 1 point.

The non-dealer starts by playing one card face-up on the table, and both players take turns adding cards to the running count. The first player to reach 31 in the running count scores a point. Then, the players continue playing until both players have played all their cards.

Additionally, players can score points during the play:

  • 15: 2 points for causing the count to reach exactly 15
  • Sets:
    • Pair: 2 points for completing a pair
    • Three of a kind: 6 points.
    • Four of a kind: 12 points.
  • Runs: points equal to the number of cards in the run (three or more cards consecutively played, but not necessarily in order)

Once the play is complete, it’s time for the show. Each player, in turn, starting with the non-dealer, displays their own hand on the table and scores points based on its content in conjunction with the starter card.

Show points are scored for:

  • 15s
  • Runs
  • Sets
  • Four-card flush (All four cards in the hand of the same suit score four points.)
  • Five-card flush (All four cards in the hand of the same suit as the starter card score five points.)
  • Jack of the same suit as the starter card

After that, the dealer scores the points in the crib. Unlike the dealer’s own hand, the crib cannot score a four-card flush, but it can score a five-card flush with the starter.

The winner of the previous hand deals the next hand, and play continues until one player reaches 121 points and wins!