Welcome to the Palace of Cards

Gin Rummy

The fast-paced two-player competition:
Draw and arrange cards covertly while
shedding redundant cards underway.
Which cards will be the key to your victory?
Find the right moment to knock and win!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


4 players, 2 teams, and the fight for 13 tricks!
That’s the English trick-taking classic.
You will need team play as well as wits:
Play your cards wisely, and you can
trump, take tricks, and score points!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The classic for all riddle-solvers!
Play strategically against up to three players: Each one frees and sorts their cards separately. Who will win? Weave your plan for quickly and effectively catching the most points in your web!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


Fans of brain-teasers are in for a good time here!
Besides the challenge of solving the game tactically, you are facing up to three opponents. Sort the families from King to Ace. Will you solve the game best?

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The speedy classic is online!
If you are playing as two, three, or four – each turn is a potential surprise. You have to empty your hand card by card, but your opponents could get in the way: Seven means drawing two!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


Trick-taking with a Wurttemberg twist:
Melds deal points – like the Pinochle featuring the Jack of Clubs and the Queen of Spades! Play in two teams of two or as three lone fighters. Get the kitty, collect tricks, and reach your bid!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The southern German classic pits on competition: Four players compete either two vs. two or one vs. three. Rely on the Obers or choose Wenz! Who will come out on top and fulfill their announcement?

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The team player game for trick-taking fans!
There are always four of you – two face two, or one takes on three. The Queens of Clubs and you decide: Normal, Marriage or Solo? Collect tricks for your party and gain the victory!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The German classic for card game professionals!
Play in threes – always two against one.
„18“ – „Yes,“ „20” – „Accept,“ „22“ – „Pass.“
Take the Skat and face the challenge trick by trick. May the trump cards be with you!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


The classic for any time of the day!
Play with one, two, or three opponents and win. Be the first to get rid of your hand cards following every trick in the book. The Jokers may be of help. Maybe you can even achieve going Rummy!

Welcome to the Palace of Cards


Your game for strategy and combination!
Two can play a tactician duel, and four will compete in teams of two. Catch the discard pile, combine as many cards as possible, get a little help from wild cards, and collect the most points!

Play Card Games Online for Free!
Gaming Fun in Your Browser or App

Tradition Online

Welcome to the Palace of Cards! We give the classic joy of playing a digital home. We, the Spiele-Palast GmbH, lovingly realize traditional card games with attention to detail for you to access your all-time favorites at any time.
Play worldwide – all you need is a working internet connection. Then, you are ready for our online multiplayer card games.

Playing with family and friends is many peoples’ favorite pastime! You get to spend time and laugh together, compete, win handsomely, and lose everything again. Some players rely on strategy while others bank on luck.
The fusion of fun, suspense, and community brings forward new, innovative games each year – classic board games, novel card games, outdoor games, games with online features, and many more.

Still, classic card games can easily keep up with that wave of innovation as they are enjoying rising popularity to this day. Think about it: Rummy, Solitaire, Canasta – everybody likely has played at least one of those classics before. So, why should you not be able to play card games anywhere at any time?

Once you take a seat at a table at the Palace, you automatically collect experience points which enable you to level up bit by bit! You can also compete with fellow players in our league system and the competition area in any of our free online card games. Collect points, Chips as well as rating points, and rise to the top of the league. Connect with like-minded players via clubs or show your skills in tournaments and score a prize!

Classic Card Games Online

Card games have been around for centuries. Thus, many rule books are lost to the past. What remains today is the variety that emerged from a few basic rules: With one deck of cards, you can contest for victory in countless ways. We offer nine card games of three types online at the Palace of Cards:

In trick-taking games, such as Whist, Skat, Pinochle, Doppelkopf, and Sheepshead, cards of higher value beat lower ones, and various trump cards are added to the mix. Usually, you aim to win the opponent’s cards by winning tricks.

Solitaire games, like Solitaire and Spider, require combination skills and patience, most of all. The cards are distributed on the playing field, some face-down, some revealed. Then, you must free, reveal, and sort the cards gradually by moving them across the playing field, following distinct rules. Solitaire games and multiplayer mode are not mutually exclusive! In our games, the solution process is comparable, after all. Everybody at the table receives the same setup. Now, every move counts on the way to the fastest and most effective solution!

You must get rid of your hand cards quickly in our shedding and combination games Gin Rummy, Canasta, Rummy, and Mau Mau. In order to play and discard cards, you follow rules of varying complexity. Additionally, your discarded cards can complicate playing for your opponents. Feel free to give all these games a try and play cards online, for free, and with friends!

Free Card Games

All our classic card games are available cross-device and cross-platform – using a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone! Get online and play your favorite free card game:

  • as a browser game, no download required
  • as Windows software
  • via Facebook
  • via Amazon
  • as an iOS app
  • as an Android app

Some games traditionally use a specific deck. But it is up to you to play cards online using a French- or German-suited deck or even a regional subform. The differences in the decks firstly concern the suits: Play French with Clubs, Spades, Diamonds, and Hearts for suits, or German with Acorn, Green, Bells, and Hearts. Secondly, the ranks following the pip cards differ: Here we have either Jack, Queen, King, Ace or Unter, Ober, King, Ace.

We provide extensive game instructions in English for Rummy, Canasta, Pinochle, Solitaire, and Spider Solitaire on the respective websites. The manuals and glossaries will guide you through a new, unknown game. Or they help you to brush up your knowledge after a longer playing break quickly. Learn them all – easy card games and complex card games!

Of course, you can play all our games – including Mau-Mau, Skat, Doppelkopf, and Sheepshead – with English language settings. And while playing any of our games at the Palace, you can always turn to the game help for the most important game instructions.

Comfortable Features

Online, your deck is always complete. The Jack of Spades will never suddenly be missing – guaranteed! What is more, shuffling and dealing happen as automatically as the order of playing and declaring. The incorruptible computer shuffles the deck well, for sure. Thus, cheating is virtually impossible!

Part of enjoying a game is aesthetics, of course. That is why the Palace of Cards comes with plausible menus, neat virtual playing tables, and appealing cards. In addition, we developed several card decks specially tailored to smaller screens and strained eyes.
Select your deck by comfort or looks when you play card games online.

Naturally, all our games support portrait and landscape mode on mobile devices. You are thus free to switch between playing with one or two hands when on the go, for example. The interface adjusts automatically to display the playing field and cards in optimal size.

Easy Access

You can start playing free online card games at the Palace of Cards right away without registering. And using the Quick Match, you enter a table with matching players at the press of a button. Alternatively, you can manually select a table.

But for saving your progress in the long run, you can verify your profile later or register directly at the start. Then, you can immerse yourself in the player community: Set up your personal profile, join virtual clubs, and use the game chat. You can access your profile cross-platform, of course. All you need is your password and email address – and your progress is always at your fingertips!

If you are a passionate and regular player, you could increase your fun at the Palace even more with a Premium membership. You get access to attractive extras for a small fee, for example, creating tables with custom rules of your choice, double daily free Chips, insight into player statistics, a blocking option for players you do not like, etc.!

Fair Play

The primary focus here is the joy of playing and the competitive spirit. No matter if you compete alone or as a team, winning a game requires smart strategy and game experience, completed with a little bit of luck!
Hence, you should not be bitter about the occasional lost game and remain respectful and fair towards your fellow players.

We connect a great number of people through playing cards online. Thus, a black sheep in the community might appear occasionally.
To facilitate a pleasant gaming experience for everyone, we offer various settings to protect your privacy. Our support team is monitoring the games, and you can always reach out to support@palace-of-cards.com.

We are using an absolutely secure method for shuffling cards to ensure that optimal shuffling results are achieved each time. Our algorithm was tested and approved by an independent institute. We take all these measures to provide equal and fair conditions for all players in our free online card games.

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