Fair Play in the Community

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Fair Play in the Community

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Dear friends of the Palace,

The Palace of Cards is all about fun and games under a digital roof. Of course, that includes a dose of contest and competitive spirit, too.

Fair for Everyone

In all that, we care about fair play, equal chances for everyone, and an enjoyable playing atmosphere. We want to ensure that for our entire game community.

That also means taking action against unfair and inappropriate behavior. After all, we want every player, new beginner or advanced, to feel welcome and comfortable with us. Now, as before, we provide adjustable chat features for each player, the ignore feature, the reporting system, and our customer service.

For a harmonic game environment in general, everyone should pull together. To do so, you only need to abide by our terms and conditions, the games’ rules, and act sportsmanlike and friendly towards each another.

If a black sheep appears in that regard, our customer support stands by each of our players. Additionally, you can report a player for different inappropriate behavior using the report button in the respective profile while being at the same table. Apropos: We penalize excessive and fallacious use of the reporting system!

Increasing Measures

To a certain extent, we find it understandable to see some friction, especially among the clubs, since everyone wants to be the best. But there is a line that should not be crossed.

Unfortunately, we recently had to find that successes were obtained with rigorous, unfair behavior in a few cases. Furthermore, our popular chat feature was misused for inappropriate content.

We cannot tolerate such conduct in any way! In this context, we are cracking down stricter on players and clubs as of now.

Collective Responsibility

Every player agreed to our terms and conditions during registration. When they are breached, we must step in! You can brush up here, especially chapters 7, 8, and 9.

In our hands, we mainly have the game community’s regulation on our platform. We took measures and are confident that fun and fair play in the daily game life are setting the tone again. Also, we cooperate with the authorities to pursue legally relevant breaches.

As mentioned at the beginning, every single one of you has the power to create a positive playing experience for everyone with friendliness and fair play. We thank you for your contribution and understanding.

Wishing you continued happy card playing and always a good hand,

Your Palace Team